Anika Howard

About Me

I enjoy finding unique and creative solutions to their business challenges.  My focus is on building creative business solutions that allow companies to engage and empower their customers.  I am the Principal Consultant and Owner of AHA Management and Consulting. I am a respected Marketing and Technology Leader with over 15 years of experience and a solid track record or developing creative and profitable marketing campaigns.

Prior to starting this boutique consulting firm, I held several executive level positions with Caesars Entertainment, Inc. As a Marketing Director for the Southern Nevada Region of Caesars Entertainment, I developed innovative marketing campaigns that increased online profitability by over 30% during the recession. I was the company’s first Interactive employee, building the corporate Internet Marketing department and leading several large scale Marketing and Information Technology projects and integrations.

Now, I use my experience and passion to help clients reach their marketing goals. I believe that every company, no matter how small, should have a solid foundation reinforced with marketing and technology best practices. The principles that generated consistent growth and multi-million dollar for the casino industry can work for you too.


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